MML Overview

New Media Social Marketing

Campaigns created by the populations they are designed to reach.

“We had this little idea that if we treated teens and other folks people refer to as “at-risk populations” with respect & provide them with the necessary support and guidance, they could totally figure out how to find their collective voice and make a film about the issues that bind them.”

MyMediaLife camapaigns can address Bullying, Sexual Health, Racism, The Environment, Substance Abuse, Gun Violence, HIV, Poverty, Smoking, Texting While Driving, Child Abuse, Sexual Violence and more. MML participants (campaign producers) range from The Underserved, Gays & Lesbians, Women, Teens, Domestic Violence Survivors and more.

A multi session group process that fosters growth and learning among participants, and the resulting campaigns it produces, is what we call MyMediaLife.


Behavior Change Campaigns

Video is a universal language with the power to effect incredible social change. Behavior change campaigns, also known as Public Service Announcements (PSAs), strategically use the science behind Social Marketing as motivation for people to incorporate new ways of doing things that are in their best interest (like wearing a seat belt or a condom). MyMediaLife empowers participants to envision, design, and create their own social marketing campaigns that address any issue they choose. Through a carefully designed, psycho-educational, peer learning process, MyMediaLife promotes group cohesion, self-confidence, problem solving, empathy, teamwork, critical and consequential thinking, affective awareness, and so much more as participants work together to make social change through the development and distribution of digital films. Click here to see the evaluation results from our most recent Planned Parenthood implementations.

Marketing Campaigns

The successful dissemination of services offered to target populations depends a lot on effective Marketing, also known as “Outreach” by non-profit and service organizations.

Connected Health Solutions, Inc. capitalizes on the New Media Revolution by helping service organizations find a place in an entirely new, more democratic, web-based landscape where marketing and branding opportunities abound. We help organizations develop modernized campaigns for a new era by implementing a fun, and often life-changing process that inherently incorporates target-population input and sound behavioral science. Sponsor agencies can then leverage the final products (beautifully produced PSAs) for not only behavior change, but as outreach, marketing, and fund-raising tools. 

MyMediaLife for Schools

MyMediaLife is perfect for schools. Cyber-bullying, sexting, social media over-sharing – these are all now an every day part of teen’s lives and formative experiences.  This makes school-based disciplinary issues more and more difficult to manage, correct, and prevent. Without the right way to understand these infractions, and the right programming to address them, schools will continue to struggle to be a relevant part of the solution. (Read "Instagram Gratification" by MyMediaLife creator Kenny Shults in The Good Men Project which details why schools need MML.)

Our program, MyMediaLife, offers a unique, effective, and productive solution to this new crop of behavioral issues, and fosters a process that changes norms, and more importantly behaviors, while offering participants much needed perspective. It includes:

  • Assessment and differentiated behavioral prescriptions for your school;

  • A school-wide teacher/practitioner training and orientation;

  • Monitoring, assessing, and increasing awareness of bullying and other current behavioral issues;

  • A classroom component focused on increasing social and emotional skills and empathy through the creation of digital-film behavior change campaigns (beautifully produced public service announcements) that the school can use to orient new students and reinforce school-wide rules and values

  • An intervention component for students who are frequent targets or perpetrators of bullying

  • Evaluation of MyMediaLife’s impact on student behavior.

It's a behavioral intervention. It's a community/school-level behavioral intervention. It's an agency/school marketing & PR strategy. It's MyMediaLife. For a more detailed description of MyMediaLife click here.

Pricing for the implementation of the MyMediaLife workshops and PSA production varies. Our clients are non-profits and service agencies, so we understand fiscal contraints and can work with just about any size budget. Pricing variables include the number of workshop sessions, number of final PSAs an agency would like to produce, and how the various pre-production elements are completed (location scouting, casting, props and wardrobe, etc.). There are ways to raise the funds for MyMediaLife activities using crowdsourcing - we can even help you build a campaign. For more information on using Kickstarter for MyMediaLife click here.

For more detailed information on MyMediaLife and specific pricing breakdowns, please click here.

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