For centuries scientists tried to understand how starlings unite in this swirling, liquid mass as if they shared a single mind. We now know that each bird affects the whole. Each bird's movements affect their closest seven neighbors and on through the flock. There is no leader; this is not a one-to-many form of coordination. It is a many-to-many approach to ensuring survival and evading harm. Each bird follows seven other birds, allowing them to be on the same page almost instantly as they react to each other. 

New media - instant communication tools, social media, mobile computing - have changed the world through a similar principal. Each person follows other people to share information and insights instantly, and this connects us as a whole. The velocity of one affects the velocity of the rest. Like traditional media, new media can be used to disinform and sow discord, but it also has the truly revolutionary power to galvanize and unify.

When people and organizations learn to better utilize new media, they gain the power to reach, serve, and inspire their target audiences to improve community health and well-being. 

We believe in the power of new media to inspire change. 

Our mission is to promote community health & action with agencies that serve the most vulnerable populations through the integration of new media strategies for improved efficiency, outreach, marketing and behavior change. 

We seed non-profit, educational and service organizations with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively provide vital education and services. We work directly with the target population and the organization to produce stunning, relevant digital content and social marketing campaigns. We work closely with our clients to increase organizational knowledge, build staff capacity, establish digital and social media infrastructure, produce digital education and behavior change materials, and provide tools and resources that can be used to manage these efforts.

Our evidence-informed programming also results in an intervention effect for the participant-producers. These dynamic programs were designed to impact the behaviors and attitudes of the participants while culminating in campaigns designed to change the behaviors and attitudes of the people who consume them. This is finely honed a model of efficiency by structuring a group-level intervention that also results in a community-level intervention, marketing and branding campaign for the agency, and a social media strategy.

While strategic planning, capacity-building, and program development & evaluation are all fundamental tenants of our organizational development programs, Connected Health Solutions, Inc. specializes in teaching agencies how to incorporate new-media strategies and technological solutions to support their goals.