Below is a list of PSAs and videos to be used for the MML workshop alongside our curriculum. You can also download a PDF copy of this list here. 


This is your Brain on Drugs

Stoner Sloth

I Learned It by Watching You

Just Say No



Know the Signs

  • Audience: Teens (perhaps older teens)
  • Problem: Teens don’t always know the signs of being in an abusive or unhealthy relationship
  • Solution: Know the signs
  • Hook: Romance, empathy, unease, concern
  •  Style: Video

Accidentally Bully

  • Audience: Teens
  • Problem: Teens don’t always realize the consequences of their digital actions
  • Solution: Don’t digitize and/or share things that don’t belong to you
  • Hook: Empathy
  • Style: Video

No Matter What You Heard 

  • Audience: Teens (more geared for young women)
  • Problem: Young people have fears and misinformation about what to expect form a sexual health clinic visit (Planned Parenthood)
  • Solution: Make an appointment at PP
  • Hook: Humor, apprehension, relief
  • Style: Video

Future Unknown

  • Audience: Older high school teens
  • Problem: Stress and anxiety about your future can result in apathy and/or ambivalence
  • Solution: Be open to possibilities and exploring options
  • Hook: Apprehension
  • Style: Video

Personality is Not Sexuality

  • Audience: Teens
  • Problem: People assume genders identify and sexual orientation based on appearances.
  • Solution: Don’t make assumptions about sexuality based on appearances
  • Hook: Curiosity, surprise
  • Style: Video

Stigma Stops with You

  • Audience: Parents
  • Problem: People say negative things in front of their children that shape their perspectives on people and the world.
  • Solution: be more thoughtful about the things you say in front of your children
  • Hook: Guilt
  • Style: Video


No Matter What the Hype

  • Audience: Teens
  • Problem: Many teens are misinformed about Planned Parenthood and SRH services
  • Solution: Find out more, question what you think you know
  • Hook: Music, hip hop
  • Style: Music Video

If You Are Positive Stay Positive

  • Audience: HIV positive people (geared a bit more towards HIV+ women)
  • Problem: Many people are unaware that HIV+ people can have healthy children though modern medicine
  • Solution: Don’t pass on HIV; be aware of treatments options; adhere to treatment let others know this information
  • Hook: Empowerment
  • Style: Documentary

Face Time

  • Audience: Teens (or anyone)
  • Problem: It can be difficult to have clear communication over SMS (Aprosodia)
  • Solution: Have difficult or important conversations in person; consider how much you rely on texting for communication
  • Hook: Relatable; angst
  • Style: Video

All For The Likes

  • Audience: Teens, teen girls (or anyone)
  • Problem: Judging self-worth based on social media approvals
  • Solution: Don’t rely on social media for your sense of self worth; don’t let social media determine your behaviors and personality in order to please others
  • Hook: Relatable; angst
  • Style: Video

Parent Communication

  • Audience: Chinese immigrant parents (of teens); parents who are strict
  • Problem: Some cultures and parents restrict teens activities to scholastic performance without recognizing or valuing other needs
  • Solution: Listen to your children’s needs outside of scholastic performance
  • Hook: Guilt
  • Style: Video

Don’t Run From Safer Sex 

  • Audience: Young men
  • Problem: Young men don’t always feel comfortable asking for and acquiring condoms
  • Solution: Get condoms in order to have a satisfying sex life
  • Hook: Humor
  • Style: Video

Not Just a Guy Thing

  • Audience: Young women
  • Problem: Young men don’t always feel comfortable asking for and acquiring condoms; many teens believe that condoms acquisition is the job if the make partner
  • Solution: Take the initiative; be prepared; try female condoms
  • Hook: Humor
  • Style: Video


  • Audience: Young men (or anyone)
  • Problem: Women are too often seen as (sexual) objects
  • Solution: Regard women as people, not objects
  • Hook: Humor
  • Style: Video

Happily Ever After

  • Audience: HIV positives
  • Problem: HIV+ people often do not adhere to treatment because of a variety of reasons and feelings; some HIV+ positive people don’t know that they can live a happy life with HIV
  • Solution: Take your meds
  • Hook: Relatable; unhappy; optimistic
  • Style: Video

This is What You Sound Like

  • Audience: Anyone
  • Problem: People don’t take mental health issues seriously
  • Solution: Take mental health issues seriously
  • Hook: Humor, shock
  • Style: Video