Hashtags aren’t enough.

It’s not enough to tell people what not to do; real prevention starts with understanding.

Everything we do is designed to help people connect. Connection results in understanding. Understanding results in empathy. Empathy results in change.

Prevention is a science, and our behavior science-based learning and development programs help agencies and staff better understand the fundamentals of sexual, cultural, and other forms of harassment. This helps staff discover aspects of their own experiences and how they inform the ways they relate to others.

Understanding is the first step toward cultivating workplace culture.

Read more here about the importance of teaching the fundamentals of harassment - not just do’s and don’t and company policies - to effect real change.

We offer a variety of harassment-prevention learning and development products and approaches tailored to the budget and needs of your organization.

Am I That Person?

A self assessment that let’s YOU decide how well you engage with marginalized peoples, i.e. your coworkers.

There’s no survey required to use the tool below. It’s for you to decide which category best describes your relationship to a particular marginalized group.

Click on any category for a more detailed description. Click here to download high-resolution file. Click here to download a “clickable” PDF.