For centuries scientists tried to understand how starlings move in this unified mass. We now know that each bird's movements affects their closest seven neighbors, and this helps the flock avoid harm.

The velocity of one bird affects the velocity of all.

When goals and processes align, conflict is minimized and unity can be achieved. 

CHS STAFF Development

Addressing harassment, improving teamwork, and minimizing conflict by improving cooperation.


"CHS facilitated... 

our annual staff appreciation day, where they were tasked with helping our 100+ employees build deeper connections to improve working relationships and become more effective advocates for our mission. I give Kenny and his team the highest recommendation. Hire him! You will be very thankful you did."   - Sarah Miller



CHS is a management consulting and organizational development group that works with a variety of organizational types to assess their needs and goals, make recommendations for improving efficiency, and fine-tuning strategies for getting the work done more effectively.

We are certified change management consultants (Kilmann Diagnostics) specializing in group-level training, team-building, and change/conflict management approaches to helping organizations and teams function effectively and harmoniously. We take into account the size and makeup of a group, what they identify as the primary strengths and weaknesses, their goals and objectives, how new or old the team is, and generational & cultural differences that may be contributing to a lack of understanding or productivity.

We incorporate highly tailored group facilitation practices, adult learning principles, behavioral science, and humor into all of our approaches to improving the health and well-being of an organization and its personnel.

“Kenny creates an engaging learning environment by combining extensive experience and well-researched information with humor and candor so that participants are able to examine their current practices and explore new ideas.” 
— Ruthie K. Colorado Youth Matter


We keep things light, and even fun.

Research shows that informality and humor accelerate change much more effectively than dull or shaming lectures. The contagious nature of humor naturally builds a sense of community by lowering defenses and bringing individuals together.* This is essential to getting staff on board when examining tough issues.  

*Harvard Mahoney Neuroscience Institute, 2010 Vol. 16, No. 2


CHS uses time-tested team-building & conflict resolution tools and strategies tailored to the needs and culture of each organization we serve.  


CHS retreats are designed to impart:

  • A strong understanding of the roots of harassment in the workplace;
  • Approaches to more effective management and leadership;
  • Strategies for improved communication between colleagues and managers/leaders;
  • A greater awareness of existing or potential causes of disharmony that impacts an agency’s productivity and culture;
  • A greater understanding of team members’ styles, values, and approaches to the work;
  • Increased “soft skills” & “emotional intelligence” knowledge and proficiencies;
  • Skills for defusing tension and building cohesion in the workplace;
  • The identification of environmental or structural aspects of the workplace that may be contributing to reported issues;
  • A greater understanding of underlying cultural influences (including age and generational differences that result in varying approaches to the work);
  • The addressing of “Moose on the Table” issues identified during the assessment phase (i.e. issues everyone knows are problematic but that are never discussed).

When you understand someone better it allows people to have more patience, and gives them interpersonal tools to employ toward getting what they want out of professional engagements. When cooperation is seen as something self-serving, it primes a cycle that takes on a life of its own, and generates positivity and reward for all. It makes our work fun, and therefore more productive.

Kenny has been instrumental in leading our staff to develop new skills and talents through his group facilitation. He is keenly aware of both group dynamics and individuals’ needs, which combine to make him a dynamic presenter who can guide the participants to a group consensus while embracing unique and individual perspectives. Kenny’s work has transformed how we approach group tasks, how we interact with new participants, and how we present information. He is engaging, quick-witted, genuine and authentic. Our participants continuously leave first-day sessions with smiles on their faces and looking forward to the next day. We continue to bring him back year after year because of his approach to learning, training, development, and team-building. I cannot recommend working with Kenny and his team enough!
— Emmie Petronio, PPMH