Connecting.   Creating.   Cultivating. 

Helping Service organizations respond to shifting values, technologies, and trends. 

CHS helps organizations reach their goals through innovative new media strategies and dynamic capacity-building services. 


Social marketing campaigns, dynamic presentations, and fun digital workshops that work for you and your audience.

Our work

Connected Health Solutions specializes in teaching agencies how to incorporate new media strategies into their programs.


We speak regularly at annual conferences around the country, and support numerous events, showcases, and lectures.

Our learning and development products and services are designed to accomplish many numerous things

All within the same implementation:

Marketing and branding capacity building;

Social media strategy design and infrastructure development;

Professional, high quality video production;

Professional photography that can be leveraged in perpetuity;

Digital marketing content-creation capacity building; capacity building on the core elements inherent to generating strong health and prevention messaging;

Dissemination support through digital promotion and press;

Building staff capacity to facilitate and motivate ongoing, effective content-generation practices;

Strategic planning and guidance that results in structural intervention and systematic changes to an agency’s approaches to reaching the desired populations; this is done through formative activities and insights with the population that identifies the agency’s population-specific barriers and impediments to access;

Increasing staff and ambassador-participants’ and institutional knowledge of the agency’s mission, goals, and best practices for achieving them;

Guidance on in-person events planning and execution to showcase videos, launch new services, and recruit brand ambassadors;

Changes in attitudes and behaviors of the participants who create a digital, community-level intervention (around topics such as testing, PrEP, sexual assault, etc.)