Diverse Solutions for Important Issues

Social marketing is the use of marketing principles to influence human behavior in order to improve health or benefit society. However, these products can also be used for community education, marketing services, fundraising, and more.

Films produced through the MyMediaLife process cover a variety of social issues and concerns, while inspiring healthy behaviors among the people who create them.


Areas of Interest

Sexual and Reproductive Health

These teens in Niagara Falls produced a rap-battle highlighting the misinformation and misconceptions surrounding sexual and reproductive health.

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Bullying and "Digital Disasters"

Many teens don't think critically about their use of digital media. New and social media have made it easier for young people to take part in digital activities that can be construed as bullying.This video explores the issue further.

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Prep and HIV Preparation

PrEP and other HIV prevention strategies are beautifully and even humorously conveyed to at risk populations through our digital campaigns.

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HIV Awareness and Addressing Stigma

Adolescents born with HIV share their experiences and inform a set of powerful campaigns designed to address stigma and educate other positives on the importance of med adherence and accessing care.

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Challenging Sexism, Racism, and Homophobia

Addressing social issues as complex as sexism and racism can be challenging. 

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Mental Health

Stigma around Mental Health prevents many people from getting the help they need. This piece conveys to viewers not only the validity of mental illness, but also allows them to reflect on the ways in which they engage with people with mental health issues.

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Branding, Agency Marketing, Fundraising

The advent of new media has allowed non-profits and service organizations to participate in marketing and advertising strategies that were at one time unattainable. Campaigns that explain services, recruit patients, tell the community more about your agency, and even raise funds are now well within reach.

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MyMediaLife Music Videos

MyMediaLife is a highly targeted, interactive workshop. Through the MML process, we work with an agency and a target population to develop innovative and inspiring pieces of media that motivate the target population towards healthier behavior. Music videos are one of the more popular formats for conveying these messages. 

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