These programs help agencies develop marketing materials, social marketing campaigns, and population-informed messaging that’s highly relevant and compelling. These cognitive-behavioral programs work directly with an agency’s target population to gain and leverage a greater sense of theirs and their communities’ needs, generate digital marketing materials, and change participants attitudes and behaviors in the process.

Preventing Digital Disasters is a program that facilitates participants’ understanding of the power they have in their access to and the potential pitfalls of new-media. This pscyhoeducational workshop allows groups of participants to work with each other to identify issues they are susceptible to, ways to minimize their exposure to harm and their own goals for better media use.


Social Media 4 Social Change is a program that teaches populations that service agencies serve to install and manage organizations’ social media strategies. We work with the agency to develop goals and objectives, brand elements appropriate for social media marketing, policies and procedures to ensure the strategy is both autonomous and safeguarded, systems for managing the strategy, methods for maximizing staff resource around social media strategy management, and the fundamental infrastructure the effort needs.

A few MyMediaLife Campaigns

Flexible interventions and workshops

We offer group programs for participants, producing community level interventions in the form of digital media campaigns and supporting clients with the skills and resources to promote their goals. Our model for success is theory and evidence-supported, offering a sustainable approach to behavior change and social marketing innovation. 

Our workshops and interventions can be implemented with any population. Participants envision, design, and produce their own beautifully-crafted pieces of social marketing that can address behavioral issues, new media abuses, environmental concerns, public health challenges, or mental health issues. This is all accomplished while enhancing cognitive-behavioral skills in a fun, dynamic, empowering and non-judgmental setting. 

Participants' perspectives and behaviors are altered as they develop deeper understanding of new media, their values, emotions, behaviors, and goals as they relate to a health focus. This is accomplished while enhancing cognitive behavioral skills in a fun, dynamic, and empowering setting. 

MyMediaLife culminates in a highly targeted, professional social marketing campaign that can be leveraged to change community behaviors and norms, contribute to fundraising efforts, market and brand your agency, promote services, recruit patients, and more.


Informed by Evidence

MyMediaLife employs a variety of behavioral-science informed strategies for effectively engaging with and empowering youth and other target populations. CHS works directly with agency staff involved to increase capacity to replicate these approaches, build group cohesion, reduce attrition, increase populations’ investment in the agency, inspire advocacy, and generate future marketing materials.


MyMediaLife is a highly targeted and tailored, interactive, cognitive-behavioral workshop designed to provide agencies with high-quality digital products such as short films, ads, promotional videos, posters, and other digital assets, all of which are informed by the populations the organization serves. This is accomplished while fostering attitude and behavioral changes in the people who participate in the creation of agency-owned digital messaging products.