Social Media 4 Social Change is an evidence-informed program that provides guidance and tools for the development of a population-driven social media strategy.

Check out some of our SM4SC video campaigns below.


SM4SC focuses on developing the infrastructure, skills, and guidance that allow a population to create user-generated content for themselves and their peers. The videos, strategies, and campaigns developed in the program are used to populate an agency's social networking, and social media channels while building in protocols and structures to ensure content is appropriate, relevant, and feasible.

We work directly with organizational staff and members of the target population to unify around goals of outreach, behavior change, healthy habit development, and more. Through our signature Social Marketing Core rubric, we train both staff and participants on content creation methods, marketing strategy, designing compelling material, and communications and PR skills. 

By generating relevant and dynamic content, you'll discover the the best way to brand your agency and make that branding consistent across all social media and social networking channels. By working directly with your target population of choice to generate tagline slogans and hashtags, we'll brand your campaign and communicate the desired effects of your social media marketing efforts.