Be your best self; find your truth; embrace mindfulness...

Just kidding!

We’re not that corny. That said, see below…

The Accidental Bully , 2015; Community Healthcare Network

The Accidental Bully, 2015; Community Healthcare Network

We believe in the power of new media to inspire change. 

Our mission is to help agencies that serve the most vulnerable populations adapt to shifting technologies, values, and trends

by giving you:

Strategies that connect you, your agency, and the people you serve, with one another.

A new, or enhanced, community-based social media-outreach team.

Stunning, relevant, digital content and social marketing materials..

Organizational knowledge, greater staff capacity, digital and social-media-strategy infrastructure, innovative education and advanced behavior-change materials.

Evergreen, population-produced campaigns that can be used for fund-raising, social media strategies, orienting new staff, sustaining organizational knowledge, changing workplace culture.

We give you this through tailored training, consulting, and high-quality digital assets; making and strengthening connections between you and your audience; and fun, interactive workshops that galvanize staff and the populations they serve.


Why would you Only conduct a focus group?

…when the focus group could also be your marketing team?

Our model uses a group-level workshop series that results in community-level investment, evergreen marketing and branding campaigns for your agency, and a formidable social media strategy. 

The people recruited to be your brand ambassadors - at-risk populations with access to the vulnerable communities you serve - change their attitudes & behaviors through their creation of your campaign, because they are designed to change the attitudes & behaviors of the people they target - their peers. And this is why population-produced campaigns are more effective.

From that point on, that group will happily, and genuinely refer their peers to your services.