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MyMediaLife works with nonprofits and organizations to generate branded social marketing campaigns created by the populations they are designed to reach.

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Social Media 4 Social Change engages with any target population and organization to envision, build, brand and manage a participatory social media strategy.

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The Peer Action Program works with members of any target population to structure real-world activities and events to increase awareness, knowledge and visibility of the host agency, while generating digital content to fuel an organization’s social media strategy.

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Preventing Digital Disasters is a series of dynamic and fun workshops that change digital behaviors and enhance interpersonal skills among a wide range of audiences.

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CHS Productions enables a significant portion of the media and development work of the other programs in Connected Health Solutions Inc.'s portfolio. We are a youthful and nimble team dedicated to helping non-profits and service organizations to generate high quality digital video product for changing behaviors and community norms, fundraising, patient recruitment, agency branding, and marketing services.

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